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Value and Growth Potential in IGT

My busy-ness precedes me.  Unfortunately I have not gotten around to posting recently, but I figured I would re-up with this unorthodox (for me) article.  Usually I tend to focus on the technical side of things, but here is a … Continue reading

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Netflix (NFLX) Providing Opportunity

After an extended grace period—two weeks of final exams, a 24 hour journey back to my hometown (highlighted by the 14 hour flight from SYD to LAX), a week of time-zone struggles, and a week in Florida—I am back into … Continue reading

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S&P Volatility and the Silver Sell-off

It has been a little while since my last post, but as I’ve gotten settled back into a routine here in Sydney, I figured that I would go ahead and start posting again.  So let’s take a look at the … Continue reading

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Sideways Action / Continued Weakness in the Dollar

After a weekend in Melbourne and one more to catch up on work (sleep), I am back in action.  From the last time I have written, we have seen a pretty decent rally back from the touching of that 23% … Continue reading

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Retracement in the S&P 500

Beginning the week there was some nice downside action, continuing the break out from last week, but there was a rally to end the week.  The chart show us that the Thursday showed some heavy buying action, and though Friday … Continue reading

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Break for the Bears

The first three days provided more consolidation in the S&P with a double inside bar—someone had to give.  It turns out that the bears took over on a large down day Thursday making new lows on the week, and closing … Continue reading

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A Halt in the Action

All the way from Sydney Australia, I am finally adding my first entry to An Engineer’s Eye on foreign soil.  But let’s get right into it.  The market has finally slowed down, showing some consolidation and indecision for, really, the … Continue reading

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